At Holy Angels Academy, multiage classrooms are utilized to allow teachers to more effectively identify the individual strengths and needs of each child.  After the strengths and needs of each child are identified, teachers are able to deliver personalized and differentiated instruction.

Traditional Grade Level Classrooms

  • Students of the same, single grade have class together.
  • Students have a new teacher each year.
  • Students have the same classmates year to year.
  • Cooperative learning groups consist of same age peers.
  • Teaching uses themes that are geared to a specific grade level.
  • All students work at their assigned grade level.

Multiage Continuous Progress Program

  • Students of several ages and/or grades are in class together.
  • Students remain with the same teacher over two years and are provided the opportunity for continuous progress in learning as well as in teacher/student relations.
  • Students experience a rotation in their classroom peer group every year. Changes occur as older students exit the class and younger students join the class.
  • Cooperative learning groups include older and younger students on a continuous basis.
  • Teaching uses theme cycles over a period
    of two years.
  • Students are given time to develop and learn over a two year cycle at an individual rate of progress.

A balanced, whole language approach to reading, integrated thematic instruction, hands-on math instruction, small group and individualized instruction are standard approaches in all Holy Angels Academy classes.

Holy Angels Academy believes that these instructional methods benefit all students at all levels.