Morning Assembly: School starts at 7:45 am with Morning Assembly. All students and teachers gather together to say the morning prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance, listen to the morning devotional, and sing an inspirational song. Our principal also gives the daily notes and reminders; then we sing to those celebrating birthdays. When Morning Assembly is complete, teachers and students transition to their classrooms to begin their daily lessons.

Christmas Program: The Christmas program is one of the high points of the school year. The entire student body performs in this production. The program helps bring to life the meaning of the Christmas season for students, their families and the greater Catholic community.

Catholic Schools Week: Holy Angels Academy celebrates our faith during the National Catholic Schools Week. We sponsor many fun activities as well as introspective time to promote the mental, spiritual, and physical growth needed for a well-balanced student.

Awards Assembly: Each month we hold a student recognition assembly in which student awarded for specific accomplishments. The “Character Counts” as well as any other awards are given at this time. Quarterly assemblies are held to present a variety of student awards as well as recognize our honor roll students.

Character Counts: This award is given to recognize and encourage good Christian citizenship among our students. Each day, faculty and staff look for opportunities to recognize students who are going above and beyond what is expected of them. Deserving students, in turn, are recognized each month in front of the entire student body.