Peer Tutoring: Holy Angels Academy offers Peer Tutoring during Morning Care.  Students apply and interview for available positions as peer tutors.  Acceptance as a peer tutor is based on academic ability, communication skills, and work ethic.  Peer tutors are trained how to guide fellow students with challenging concepts.  This program allows students to practice their leadership and communication skills.

Extended Academics: At Holy Angels Academy, we understand that all students learn at different rates and that some will need extra guidance to experience success.  In order to assist our students facing academic challenges, Holy Angels Academy offers an Extended Academics program.  This program meets after school from 3:00-4:00 pm while offering adult supervision and guidance.  HAA students are identified by their teacher and invited to participate in Extended Academics. The Holy Angels Academy Extended Academics program begins after the first quarter interim reports have been issued.

Guardian Post: The Guardian Post is an intra-school mail delivery system that our Guardians use to communicate in written form with one another.  This program promotes positive communication and improved writing skills.  Students working in the Post Room will gain a stronger sense of responsibility, work ethic, and organization.