School Uniform Policy

Holy Angels Academy adheres to a dress code throughout the school year. Families of enrolled students report that they appreciate the uniforms and the dress code requirements.

Some of the advantages to having a dress code include:

1. The uniform helps students focus on academics rather than dress or clothing.

2. The uniform helps create a sense of equality among students and reduces competition over expensive, trendy clothing.

3. Knowing what needs to be worn to school each day simplifies the morning routine.

4. Dress code policies teach students that it is important to present oneself in a neat and well-groomed manner.

The student handbook details the particulars of the school dress code. In general, students have three different uniforms: a physical education uniform, a Mass (church) uniform, and a regular day uniform.

Holy Angels Academy has made the decision to keep our uniform options simple and affordable to our families. Mass shirts/blouses, regular day shirts and physical education t-shirts will be specified styles and solid colors. Uniform bottoms must be specified colors and uniform quality. These items may be purchased from local stores as well as online. In addition, Holy Angels Academy PTO operates a used uniform store throughout the school year.