Holy Angels Academy is ready to serve the needs of our students and families.  We have spacious classrooms, the latest technology, school-wide WiFi, and green spaces that promote physical activity.  Our school and church property on the corner of East Liberty and Lafayette has five buildings–the church office, the Church, the convent building, the Parish Hall building, and the school building.  The primary areas used by our school family are the school building, the Parish Hall building, and the Church.

The Church: St. Anne and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church is the home of our weekly school Mass.

The School Building (faces Magnolia Street):  The school building is home to the Guardian Office (facing Ernst Circle), two community rooms, and five classrooms.

The Parish Hall Building: The Parish Hall building is home to our Library and Computer Room.

The Playground: The playground at Holy Angels Academy is divided into three main areas–the Little’s playground, the Big’s playground, and the large playing field with basketball court.