Welcome to Holy Angels Academy! We are excited that you are considering Holy Angels Academy to share in the awesome responsibility of educating your precious child.

Our highly qualified faculty and staff work together with families to help children build a firm foundation for their future. We understand that this entails educating and nurturing the whole person. Therefore, our goal is to help your child become an Empowered Learner, a Compassionate Believer, an Active Citizen, and an Energized Leader.

Holy Angels Academy students experience a challenging academic curriculum beginning with our four-year-old pre-kindergarten and continuing through the 6th grade. Our Empowered Learners acquire the intellectual skills that prepare them for success in their future endeavors. They learn how to express themselves clearly, think critically and solve problems they encounter. Our well-rounded curriculum supports student academic growth as evidenced by the outstanding MAP test scores our students achieve.

During their time at Holy Angels Academy, students also grow into Compassionate Believers. Holy Angels Academy nurtures students spiritually and fosters an environment in which people genuinely care about one another. Through the support and active involvement of parents and faculty, students grow in their faith and in their compassion for others. Students are also able to express the Gospel values they learn at home and at school through our many on-going stewardship projects.

We expect each student at Holy Angels Academy to be an Active Citizen. Participation in morning assembly, classroom activities, and weekly Mass confirm the important role each student has in our school community. Respect for Country, and the privileges and obligations that come with living in our great Republic, is woven into the fabric of our school.

The warm and supportive atmosphere at Holy Angels Academy builds the confidence students need to become Energized Leaders. The leadership opportunities available to students weave together the academic skills and core values that Holy Angels Academy imparts. Students serve our school and the community through various programs and activities that provide a structured environment for leadership development and offer opportunities for lifelong leadership lessons.

As principal of Holy Angels Academy, I am honored to have the responsibility of leading a dedicated faculty and staff that Inspires Excellence in God’s Children. We invite families of all denominations to visit Holy Angels Academy to see firsthand how our Guardians soar to excellence!

Peace in Christ,
Kristi Doyle