Does my child have to be Catholic to attend Holy Angels Academy?
No. We welcome all students regardless of religious beliefs. In fact, approximately 30% of our student body is not Catholic. We view each and every one of our students as a child of God, and we believe in nurturing each student to his or her full potential, regardless of religious affiliation.

Our family is not Catholic. Will you try to convert my child to Catholicism?
No. Our school’s foundation is firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition and the curriculum for the students’ religion classes is chosen by the Diocese of Charleston. However, an important part of the Catholic School philosophy of education is a belief that the parents’ role is primary in the raising and educating of the child. Consistent with this, we respect the parents’ rights and responsibilities to make choices about matters of faith and religion for their child. We do not put pressure on non-Catholics to become Catholic.

In general, our non-Catholic families tell us: (a) the faith-filled environment and education at Holy Angels Academy helps their children grow into the kind of human beings they want their children to be, and (b) the foundations of Catholicism and their family’s particular denomination share a great deal in common. We believe that there is much more that unites Catholicism and the other Christian denominations than divides us. On those points where we differ, we hope that you will see these differences as opportunities for sharing and discussing your faith with your children.

We want to communicate with you as fully as possible about the religious aspects of our school so that you can make an informed decision about whether the environment and education at Holy Angels Academy is compatible with the way you want your child raised and educated. Toward this end, we have provided an overview of “Spiritual Life” at Holy Angels Academy within the Guardian Life section of this website. Please feel free to ask us about any specific questions or concerns you may have.

What is the school’s relationship with the Catholic Community of Sumter?

Holy Angels Academy is supported by two local parishes: St. Anne & St. Jude Parish and Our Lady of the Skies. Each parish pays a subsidy for parishioner children, so Catholic parents are asked to register and make regular contributions to the church using the envelopes provided.

Do you accept children during the middle of the year?
Class sizes permitting, we do our very best to accommodate admissions applications throughout the course of the year. We understand that moves — and other life events that require students to change schools — do not always coincide with the school calendar.

I work. What are the before and after school care options?
Both Before School Care and After School Care are available for students attending Holy Angels Academy. The regular school hours are 7:45 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. Before School Care is available starting at 6:50 a.m. each school day (with the exception of the first day of classes.) There is no charge for Before School Care.

After School Care operates Monday through Friday from dismissal time until 5:30 p.m. After School Care is available every day that school is in session, except for the last day of school prior to extended holidays. After School Care includes a supervised homework period, a snack, and supervised recreation. Prior registration is required.  The current After School Care rates are $25 per week per child.

My child has special needs (e.g., learning challenges, physical challenges). Can you accommodate the special needs of my child?
Given the range and variety of special needs that exist, it is not possible to provide a simple yes or no answer to this question. We do not have a separate special needs program. However, we attempt to accommodate a child with special needs whenever possible. Ultimately our goal is the same as yours: to have your child placed in the school environment that is the best fit for him or her. We will work to answer your questions as openly and as thoroughly as possible so that you can determine if Holy Angels Academy is the right school environment for your child.

Transportation and Parking:
All students must be dropped off and picked up via the Ernst Circle (the loop off Magnolia Street side of the school). Traffic will enter the parking lot from Magnolia Street through the first entrance coming from Liberty Street then turn right at the Guardian Angel Garden and proceed through Ernst Circle in front of the school. Parents needing to enter the school office should park in the parking lot along the fence. During drop-off and dismissal there will be a faculty member controlling the flow of parking lot traffic. Please watch for children and do not ask them to cross traffic in the parking lot.